1.  Create an account by completing the New Account Form and send it to order@ossdsign.com. Returning customers may skip this step and proceed directly to step 2.
  2. Complete the order request form, available for download on this page and prepare your CT documentation in accordance with the CT Scanning Guidelines.
  3.  Submit your order request by logging into your account and upload the CT documentation together with the completed order form. Uploading instructions are available for download on this page.

New Ordergraf

If preferred, CT documentation together with the design request form can also be sent on a CD or DVD (marked with the patients ID number) to OssDsign's delivery address.
Note that all electronic communication between OssDsign and hospitals are encrypted.


Once the order request form and CT documentation have been received at OssDsign, a digital implant design proposal will be sent to you within 2 working days.

You will have complete insight and ability to influence the implant design in order to achieve the optimal solution for your patients. Once we have agreed on a final design best suited for you and your patient, the manufacturing process will be initiated.

Sterile product ready for shipment from our manufacturing facility 4 weeks after the design proposal have been approved, ready for surgery.