The ultimate goal in reconstructive CMF surgery is the restitution of a skeletal defect by the patient’s own bone with maintained structural stability. At OssDsign we strive to fulfil this goal by combining a unique calcium phosphate material and innovative titanium-reinforced design with precise patient specific 3D printing.


OssDsign’s proprietary titanium-reinforced calcium phosphate implants are designed with the intention to eliminate the well-known lifelong risks posed by commonly used inert materials or autologous bone. Clinical experience show low observed rates of complications and evidence of new bone and blood vessel formation.


Every implant is tailored to the individual patient’s defect and anatomical requirements using CAD technology and 3D printing. A high level of clinical design competence enables us to satisfy customer and patient needs, even in the most complex cases. 

Peri-operative image OSSDSIGN Cranial PSI