OssDsign is an innovator, designer and manufacturer of personalized bone replacement technology for cranial repair. We are surgeons, scientists and engineers - committed to improving outcomes in cranioplasty.


OssDsign is about the passion to improve clinical results and quality of life for patients. This passion is personified by Dr. Thomas Engstrand, craniofacial surgeon at Karolinska University Hospital. He observed the healing problems his patients had with existing treatment techniques and started to work on a better solution. Collaboration with the distinguished biomaterials researcher Professor Håkan Engqvist and coworkers at Uppsala University, and several years of development and testing, resulted in OssDsign® Cranial.
OssDsign Cranial is the next generation of patient-specific implants (PSI) for cranial reconstruction.


OssDsign's Sweden headquarters is the home of our product development and manufacturing. Sales operation are expanding from the initial launch of OssDsign Cranial in Europe to sales operations throughout the world. US sales are managed by our wholly owned subsidiary OssDsign USA Inc, contact details can be found at our contact-page.


The vision of OssDsign is to be the globally leading provider of regenerative products for cranial repair, based on our innovative technology platform.


The OssDsign products and services should meet the following requirements:

  • Conform to the requirements of OssDsign, its customers, regulatory authorities and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Meet the needs of OssDsign customers, based on first, continuously improving the understanding of their situation and needs; and second, responding to these by providing innovative products with a distinct medical benefit as well as services of top industry standard.
  • Ascertain ongoing improvement in quality performance by setting and reviewing individual and company objectives related to the quality system as well as ensuring staff awareness and competent execution by training and recruitment of qualified personnel.