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Chairman of the board since 2016. Simon Cartmell is a 35 year life-sciences industry veteran. He has extensive pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech experience gained in commercial, product development and corporate executive roles. He is a serial entrepreneur in early stage healthcare businesses and as CEO of ApaTech Ltd, developed the company into a world leading orthobiologics company prior to its $330m sale in March 2010. Simon serves as Chairman or Non-Executive Director on several private and public life-science company boards.


Board member since 2016. Born 1965. M.D, Ph.D. Associate Prof. in Cardiology. CEO Karolinska Development AB, a listed early stage life science investment firm. Viktor Drvota has over 15 years of Venture Capital experience with several investments, significant fundraisings, IPOs and exits. He was responsible for Life science at SEB Venture Capital 2002 - 2016. Dr Drvota has served as a Board member in several biotech and medtech companies such as Arexis AB, SBL Vaccin AB, Nuevolution AS, Index Pharma AB, Scibase AB, Airsonett AB among others. Before joining SEB, Dr. Drvota worked as a Senior Consultant and Associate Professor in Cardiology at the Karolinska Institute/Hospital in Stockholm.


Board member since 2016. Born 1977. M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, B.Sc. in Business Law and Ph.D. in Microtechnology. Filip Petersson is an Investment Manager at SEB Venture Capital and has prior to that worked as a trading strategist, business developer and management consultant within SEB. Before that he was engaged in academic research and in the commercialization of medical technology innovations.


Born 1966. MSc in Engineering Physics and MBA. Per Aniansson is an Investment Director at Fouriertransform AB with 20 years of experience in life science and investments including positions at Industrivärden, Siemens and Innovationskapital. Per also has experience as a management consultant at Accenture and Arthur D Little, with a focus in Pharma and Medtech business. He also has entrepreneurial experience as CEO in two UK based medtech companies and is currently on the board of ÅAC Microtec AB (publ), Scibase AB (publ), Smart Eye AB (publ), Renewcell AB, Star Syringe Ltd, Origin Sciences Ltd and the Cure Cancer Foundation.


Board member since 2016. Born 1972, PhD in materials science. Professor in applied materials science at Uppsala University, focusing on research on bioceramic materials for hard tissue replacement and drug delivery applications. Principal inventor of OSSDSIGN® Cranial and co-founder of OssDsign.

Photographer: Juliana Fälldin