Years of successful clinical experience with OssDsign’s custom-made cranial and facial implants, has led to the development of OSSDSIGN Cranioplug*. A burr hole cover made from OssDsign's osteoconductive calcium phosphate material which resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process.

* OSSDSIGN Cranioplug is currently being launched at selected centers. For availability in your region, please contact your local OssDsign representative.

OSSDSIGN Cranioplug

OSSDSIGN Cranioplug is a unique combination of a titanium structure that is covered by OssDsign’s osteoconductive calcium phosphate material with documented ability to integrate with surrounding bone. It is designed for reduced palpability with a combination of low-profile design and counter-sunk fixation eyelets.

The titanium structure of OSSDSIGN Cranioplug is cleverly designed to provide mechanical stability. Fixation at complex areas and curvatures is accounted for by the independently flexible titanium fixation arms.


OSSDSIGN Cranioplug is available in four versions, for burr hole closures (11 and 14 mm, two fixation arms) and bone flap fixation (11 and 14 mm, six fixation arms). 


OSSDSIGN Cranioplug is an implant intended to cover and plug holes drilled into the skull during surgery and to reattach cranial bone removed during surgery. These osseous defects are surgically created and are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. The ceramic component of Cranioplug resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process. Cranioplug is indicated for use in adults and adolescents age 12 and older.