OssDsign is an innovator, designer and manufacturer of implants and material technology for bone regeneration. We are surgeons, scientists and engineers - committed to improving outcomes in cranioplasty and facial reconstructive surgery.

By combining clinical insight with proprietary material technology and patient-adapted design, OssDsign supplies an expanding range of tailored solutions for cranial repair and facial bone reconstruction. OssDsign’s technology is the result of collaboration between clinical researchers at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, and material science experts at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University.


OssDsign is about the passion to improve clinical results and quality of life for patients. This passion is personified by Dr Thomas Engstrand, craniofacial surgeon at the Karolinska University Hospital. He observed the healing problems his patients had with existing treatment techniques and started to work on a better solution. Collaboration
with biomaterials researcher Professor Håkan Engqvist and coworkers at the Uppsala University and several years of development and testing, resulted in OSSDSIGN® Cranial PSI. In order to address the high complication rates associated with conventional implants the team combined a proprietary biocompatible calcium phosphate material with an innovative titanium-reinforced tile design with precise patient- specific 3D printing. All to provide patients with a better, more permanent implant solution.


OssDsign currently operates out of its headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden with in-house product development and manufacturing. Sales operations are busy expanding from initial launches of OSSDSIGN® Cranial and OSSDSIGN® Facial in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK, further into Europe, and on selected markets in other parts of the world. OSSDSIGN® Cranial was cleared for sales in the United States in January 2017 with the launch now well under way. 


Our current focus is to become the leading provider of regenerative products for cranial and facial repair, based on our innovative technology platform. At the same time, innovation never stands still - new regenerative products for a variety of clinical situations are in development and clinical testing phases.