In November 2020 OssDsign completed the acquisition of the privately held Scottish bone graft specialist company Sirakoss Ltd, expanding into the spinal bone graft market. The acquisition broadens OssDsign’s product portfolio with OssDsign Catalyst an FDA 510(k) cleared next-generation nanosynthetic bone graft substitute that stimulates the formation of healthy bone tissue.

Following the principles of synthetic developmental engineering, the innovative nanosynthetic bone graft putty OssDsign Catalyst is designed to engage dual bone formation pathways resulting in rapid, controlled bone formation at early time points. Data from a recently published pre-clinical study show that OssDsign Catalyst induced rapid and reliable bone formation and that successful fusion was achieved in 100% of the studied subjects at 26 weeks, compared to 60% in the group where a comparable market-cleared device was used (link to published data to the right).

Please visit our US website for more detailed product information on OssDsign Catalyst for the US market (link here).